Campus Angels

Beall Elementary would like to thank Saratoga Homes and Irvin Faudoa for their generous donation of 60 backpacks. 

What a great start to the new school year!



 EPPD Backpack Donation



In a combined effort, the El Paso Police Department’s Central Graveyard Shift raised money through donations and a multifamily garage sale to buy the students at Beall Elementary uniforms and back packs.

Beall Elementary was chosen for this donation due to its high percentage of low economic students, as well as being a school that is in the middle of the central district. Sixty students were chosen to receive complete uniforms and sixty more students were chosen to receive back packs full of school supplies. These students were chose by the school counselor.

For several weeks the EPPD Central Graveyard Shift made donations to a fund as well as held a garage sale that raised over $1,000. With this money pants, shirts, back packs and supplies were bought for 120 students at Beall Elementary.

The Central Graveyard Shift’s Lieutenant, Steve Lopez, and Sergeant Roberto Cardenas, presented these donations to the students along with bringing McGruff,  K9, Comsar vehicle, Swat van,  patrol car, and bike units, members of each gave the students an opportunity to get on the vehicles as well as a presentation.

The students were thrilled to receive such gifts as well as have the opportunity to see law enforcement in a different light.

Dear Mrs. Rose Lopez,

It is with sincere gratitude that I write you this thank you letter.  We have received the check from St. Raphael School along with Joy K. Gallegos’ letter. Your designation of our school to be the beneficiary of this tremendous gift is an amazing act of generosity.

Please forgive the delay of this letter but we wanted to include the list of the items that the money was spent on as well as some pictures. I wanted to let you know that our Physical Education department has put this money to great use. For example, some of the items that will be purchased include: Outdoor equipment (balls, hula hoops), indoor equipment to be used in inclement weather, and best of all, incentives for the children such as bracelets, ribbons, and trophies.

The students at Beall Elementary will benefit greatly from these newly acquired items especially those that were purchased with the intent of positive reinforcement.

Yours in education,

The Faculty, Staff, Physical Education Department and Students at Beall Elementary