Dominguez, Selene

Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Dominguez

Hi My name is Ms. Dominguez and I am very glad to be your child's teacher this school year. My objective for the school year is to create a learning environment in my classroom where all of my students are able to learn the academic content in English and Spanish as well as for them to develop their other abilities to their highest level. It has to be to mentioned too that I have high expectations set up for your child and therefore rigorous work will be enforced to be done at school and at home.
¡Hola! Mi nombre es Ms. Domínguez y estoy muy contenta de ser la maestra de su hijo/a este año. Mi objetivo para este ciclo escolar es crear un ambiente educativo idóneo en mi salón de clases en el que todos mis alumnos aprendan y dominen los contenidos académicos en ingles y español así como logren desarrollar al máximo sus demás capacidades. He de mencionar que tengo altas expectativas para sus hijos y por lo tanto el trabajo en clase como en la escuela será riguroso.

Conference Period
Call the office (236-8075) to set up an appointment during my conference  time (2:30-3:15).  Again, welcome to Pre-Kindergarten.

7:55-8:25 /11:30-12:00                Meet and Greet
                                                     Daily News
                                                      Read Aloud
8:25-8:30/  12:00-12:05                Transition

8:30-8:50/  12:15-12:25                 Circle Time
                                                        Large Group Math

8:50-9:00/  12:25-12:35                   Letter Wall

9:00-9:20/  12:35-12:55                   Circle Time
                                                         Large Group
                                                          Integrated Literacy

9:20-9:25/  12:55-1:00                       Transition

9:25-10:25/  1:00-2:00                       Centers
                                                           Small Groups

10:25-10:30/  2:00-2:05                    Transition

10:30-10:50/  2:05-2:25                    Outside

10:50-10:55/  2:25-2:30                    Closure

Class Rules
Please read these rules with your child so that they know how important it is to follow all rules on a daily basis.  This will ensure that we have a safe and successful school year.

1.  When responding to an adult, I must say "Yes ma'am" or No sir."
2.  I will raise my hand before speaking or asking questions.
3.  I will listen when the teacher or another child is speaking.
4.  I will help pick up toys and put them away.
5.  I will take turns.
6.  I will not say bad words.
7.  I will respect and obey when I have a substitute teacher.

2.  Separate the child from group.
3.  Contact parents or send note home.
4.  Send child to office.
5.  Conference with parent.

Students exhibiting any form of severe behavior that endangers students, violates the law, or seriously prevents the teacher from teaching or other students from learning will be referred to administration.

1.  Verbal praise.
2.  Stickers
3.  Small prize
4.  Special jobs in the classroom.
5.  Play educational games on the computer.

Supply List
Beall Elementary School
Pre-Kinder Supply List:
1 box of Crayola Markers
1 large box of Kleenex
1 box of Crayola crayons (24 in the box)
1 container of Playdough
2 folders with pockets on the inside (for homework)
1 large backpack

Please do not send the following items to school: (your child will need them at home to use for completing homework): 
school box

Homework Policy
There will be homework every Tuesday and Thursday. Please keep in mind that there could be special projects too as well as the addition of one more homework day.