Rosales, Angel


Welcome to a new school year full of exciting activities. I am a 5th grade Bilingual Teacher with 27 years of teaching experience. The philosophy in my classroom will be shaped by activities that encourage discussion and interaction among all my students while having fun.

Part of my philosophy is to view Science and Math as vehicles to establish unique ways of thinking, instead of seeing both scientific areas as too complicated and difficult to understand.  All students have the ability to be scientifically literate and that’s why I want to develop skills and attitudes that will help them comprehend the importance of Math and Science in our society.   

My students will be learning how to make observations, inferences, and use inquiry when possible. I do not need to have the answer to every possible question a student may ask, but a deep understanding of the scientific relationships will provide a quality educational experience for all my students.
I play the role of facilitator in inquiry-based activities, so I will guide my students in a positive direction during their investigation.  My inquiry-based activities will provide a strong understanding of the nature of Math and Science and give them ownership of their learning.

I will be available for any parent conference at 2:30 p.m. so please do not hesitate to contact me via email or at (915) 236-8075.