Villaverde, Amelia

                                            Hello!  Welcome to third grade!

My name is Amelia Villaverde and I have been working for the El Paso Independent School District for 14 years.  I am proud to say that all of my teaching career has been at Beall Elementary.  I was a second grade teacher for 10 years and  have been teaching third grade for 4 years. I am a graduate of Loretto Academy.  I graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso in 1990 with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing.  I later became certified to teach bilingual students in grades 1-6 in the year 2000.

I am very excited to be  your child's Reading teacher.  Your child will be learning about comprehension skills that focus on asking and answering questions, establishing a purpose for reading, creating mental images, making inferences, summarizing, and making connections.  All these skills are necessary to ensure success on the state mandated test STAAR as well as preparing them for the future as they become life long readers!

My teaching philosophy centers around the principlel that any child can learn as long as the child feels safe and comfortable in the classroom.  Your child will be challenged and will make progress if we  ( the teacher and the parents)  help them succeed.   I look forward to meeting all parents and am available Monday through Friday from  1:45-2:30 for any conferences.

Thank you!
A. Villaverde

Classroom Rules
1. Come prepared to class with supplies.
2. Raise your hand to leave your seat.
3. Follow all school and class rules.
4. Follow instructions the first time.
5. Always do your best.

1. Verbal warning
2. Student Conference
3. Note/Phone call to parent
4. Parent/Teacher Conference
5. Referral to Counselor
6. Referral to Assistant Principal

School Supplies
2 boxes of Kleenex
bottle of glue
6 glue sticks
2 boxes of pencils
6 composition notebooks
1 box of colored pencils

Monday -Thursday read for 30 minutes and parents sign reading log.